“I’ve been writing songs since I knew that rhymes were cool at about age 8. It didn’t take me long to figure out that prose was equally cool.”

Wings of Joy

wings of joy cover

“I wrote my first space story at age 11. It was five pages of single-spaced type. I haven’t stopped since. It’s fabulous to have eighteen space-opera SF stories out there.”

Mystic Intersections

mystic intersections cover

“I tried to make this book as much like my sight at a late-age world as I could manage. I hope people discover the wonder of texture, the glory of Nature, and the elegance of mathematics when they read it.”

Song Lyrics

“Yep. That’s right. I wrote a whole lot of lyrics for that intrepid street musician Aislinn the Bard.
Read, listen and enjoy!”


arabidopsis seedling after 48 hours in MS media

The Secret Lives of Tiny Seeds

“That’s right. I spent almost sixteen years studying the secret lives of seeds. I simulated different seed-banking strategies and their effects on population recovery after “bad” years. I analyzed four Arabidopsis thaliana ecotypes to see if their germination behavior matched what my simulations suggested as adaptive strategies. Finally, I analyzed them genetically to identify key loci associated with the parental phenotypes I observed.

Star Rose Arts Store

“Art is joy for the heart and uplifting to the spirit. Here are products to buy and share.”


paperweight trio

These could sit on a desk and look pretty. Or you can pick them up and watch the image move as you move the paperweight.

Note Cards and Note Card Sets

spring glory note card set

Your friends will know they’re special when they receive one of these unique cards. Write in them by hand or run them through your inkjet printer.

Art Prints

head streaming print

Enjoy fine art prints - photographs and fractals. Subjects include botanicals, landscapes, and abstracts, both fractal and photo transformations.

Anne Prather’s Starmasters

Starmasters logo

Is it flight or time travel that allows the Starmasters to move ships across intergalactic distances? No one knows. But the stories of the people with this rare gift are as diverse as the people themselves.